Shine On..

As a woman, I find it incredibly irritating that I cannot leave my own house without being unsure of how I look. I realize this is extremely superficial, but at the same time- isn’t everyone else thinking the same thing? I mean of course I believe confidence, and relationships come from something more than looks, but in a city filled with fascinating people it can be frustrating that everyone gravitates towards beauty. Constantly thinking “Do these jeans make me look fat?” “Is he going to like her more than me because she’s prettier?” “What would it take for me to get his attention?”. When did we become so obsessed with beauty? When did we accept the premise that beauty is one particular look? I want to change the way we think.. I want to be part of the influence that starts a revolution of loving yourself, inside and out. No matter what people tell you, what is on the outside does count, but it’s not about how much you look like a model on a magazine, or your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend but what matters is what makes you unique. I sound like every other self-esteem sounding board, but I believe it through and through. Being a young girl in this day in age would be incredibly difficult, and at twenty one years old I am still very unconfident in how I look. The only way this is ever going to change is if we make the difference. I want to believe there is beauty in the world still, and not the beauty they promote in magazines, but the type of beauty that is so bright it shines through your inner or outer facade. Show me the type of beauty that allows a young girl to believe in herself again, or the type of beauty that urges a man to approach a woman with confidence. This kind of beauty has been missing for a long time, and I think it’s our time to let it back in our worlds..


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