Choose Happiness!

“Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go..”

I read this quote a long time ago and it stuck with me because I truly believe that there is a silver lining in everything and all it takes is a sunny disposition to find it. Many people will walk in and out of your life and as you grow up you have to learn how to handle this type of pain. Choose happiness. Choose to be positive when all else fails you. Be the type of person who brings sunshine on a rainy day, not the person who brings the storm but the one who carries an umbrella.

I’ve learned a lot of about letting go in the last couple years and if life has taught me anything it is that people come and go, bringing rain or shine when they do. In four years of university I have met a lot of people- some I don’t think I could live without and some I hope to never see again. Ideally we would meet only those who bring out the best in us, who let us shine while they remain dull or those who we help sparkle when they’re in the limelight. But this isn’t reality, we won’t always be able to tell what kind of person someone is right away and sometimes we’ll never know. The important thing is that we learn to take these situations with a smile and to never let the negatives overwhelm the positives.

People leave and sometimes that’s even harder because they’re choosing to walk out of your life but that is their decision and you will be all the better for it. Instead of dwelling on the reasons it didn’t work out, focus instead on the reasons you’re better because of it. 



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