Read a Book a Day…

Have you ever felt like you could get lost in a book? I don’t know what it is about literature, but for some reason opening a book and turning the first page can be one of the most thrilling feelings in the world. For those of you non-readers (aka non- geeks) please just play along…. Close your eyes, imagine you’re no longer in your room but instead living a completely different life, country or in an entirely different era. Reading isn’t supposed to be work, rather think of it as a chance to find another you that is just hiding beneath who you are during the day. This isn’t a better, smarter other you, but instead an adventurous version of yourself. You can travel across the seas, across miles of land in a blink of an eye without even moving from your bed. This whole opportunity has opened up for you to experience something you might never get to, or something you never imagined you wanted to.

I could get lost in a book.. Any kind really, I could read mystery, biographies, children’s novels, scary, romance, academic… It doesn’t matter the genre, what is important is the words that you are soaking in on this adventure. Sometimes I think that if I could I might hop into a book and never come out.. But I suppose that would really be opposite of what I wanted- entrapment in one world forever.

Literature isn’t meant to be boring, or some kind of chore that students are forced to do in order to progress from grade to grade or from year to year. I beg you to experience reading in my set of mind.. Really immerse yourself in what you’re reading and block out all other distractions around you and I think that it might be possible.

My biggest dream in life is to be a teacher, and not for the pay or the summers off (which is going to be amazing, let’s be serious) but I want to impact just one child’s life, the way I was changed by my teacher. When I was young I wasn’t a strong reader, and it took a lot of work to keep me progressing at the rate that I should. Children these days- adults even, sometimes forget the importance of learning to read, learning to comprehend or even learning to understand the significance of the learning process. I want to be the teacher that inspires children to pick up a book without being told. I want to help children realize that reading can be fun, that learning isn’t something that has to be painful..

As children we remember our parents reading us night time stories, telling us tales that we never had even imagined in the deepest parts of our imaginations.. So please, take yourself back in time and allow the child in you to read the next book you happen to pick up.


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